What We Do

HGSA is run by history graduate students, for history graduate students. We meet regularly (at least once per month) to discuss any relevant business, socialize, and plan future events.

Annual Conference

HGSA hosts a conference each April. We welcome anyone, both from inside and outside of the department, as well as from inside and outside of UCI, to participate. Please see our conference page for more details.

Who We Are

Any graduate student in the History Department is welcome to join HGSA. We recently transitioned to a decentralized leadership model in order to help people become more involved in the organization. So, not only can anyone join, anyone can help plan events and host meetings!

While HGSA has become decentralized, we still have designated one to two Chairs of the organization to serve as points of contact between HGSA and the History Department: Haleigh Marcello. Additionally, we have asked that each cohort designate at least on Cohort Representative to serve as a liaison between HGSA and the cohort, as well as to help with cohort communication.

Past teams: 2020-2021 team


Cohort Representatives

1st Year Representative

2nd Year Representative

3rd Year Representative

4th Year Representative

5th Year+ Representative

UAW/Union Representative

History Department Union Steward

DECADE Represenative

History DECADE Representative

School of Humanities Graduate Liaisons

History Department Liaison

History Department Liaison